Singing is something Joe has done for as long as he can remember. Listening to his older brother's 45's and imitating the early rockers was his intro to music. Self taught on guitar and drums, his professional career started at the age of 11 playing drums and singing in a band with the very original name of The Beatles Minus One, in his words, "We had no Paul".

As his love for music continued to grow, so did his interest in the music industry. He dropped out of college in his second year and went to New York to sign a management contract. Playing guitar and singing in clubs became his livelihood. 

His first publishing deal was with a division of Columbia Records, Blackwood Music. Not long after that, WNBC radio in New York City chose one of his songs Steppin Out Tonight for their first Home Town Album. During this period Joe built his first recording studio in his parents  garage.

Continuing to perform as a solo, and at times with a band, life would take an unexpected turn. Though many things seemed to be going right , there was an emptiness that wouldn't go away. While touring with a band in Maine, Joe was introduced to the Gospel through a Christian television program. Immediately he recognized the answer to his emptiness as he listened to these people share their faith. Several months later Joe became a Christ follower.

Fast Forward today...Joe is a pastor of a church in his native New Jersey. He is married to his precious wife June.


"Bringing Life through the arts" John10:10